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  • Negative Carbon Footprint: As any vegetal product, cork never stops capturing carbon (half of its dry weight, around 1,7 g of carbon for a natural cork stopper or 6,2 g of CO2), during a long period depending on the waste recycling system established by every country or region.
  • Biomasse: all our cork waste is profited in our biomass boilers (heating of the ovens)
  • FSC: We are one of the rare cork manufacturers to offer you FSC certified cork batches ensuring:
    • - Respect for the rights and duties of the forest owners.
    • - Respect for the rights of the workers.
    • - The fewest environmental impacts.
    • - The establishment of sustainable forest management plans.
    • - The conservation of existing plant covers.
    • - Reforestation programs

Quality controls performed throughout de Manufacturing Process
Quality Certificates